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I’m a fighter for love.

  You know the saying, “I’m a lover not a fighter?” Well, in my case, it doesn’t apply. I’m a fighter for love. I’m persistent, I’m confident, and I will achieve my goals. I won’t back down when it comes to such a delicate matter. I’m confident when it comes down to the matter. I always achieve my goal.
  Don’t be just a lover, don’t be just a fighter because being just one of the two won’t get you anywhere. Be a fighter for love. Know when to attack and when to defend. In a sense, “play the game right,” and I use that term very loosely because in matters of love, it is never a game to be played.

  Fight for love.

Welcome. I've many sides, but they all merge into one, right here.

I have an instagram as well, if you want to get a little more personal: @hillsmvr

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